9 December 2016 from 14:30 to 15:45

Dissertation Alex Gekker on digital cartography and power from an interdisciplinary perspective

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In his PhD thesis Alex Gekker (Media and Performance) examines the production and deployment of digital maps in contemporary computational culture. By bringing together theories from Media Studies, Critical Cartography and Science and Technology Studies (STS) he looks at digital maps as interfaces, and develops a new conceptual framework.

Alex Gekker
Alex Gekker

Gekker points out the tendency for such digital maps to be simultaneously ubiquitous in their desire to be available to all users, on all devices, while they are at the same time being personalised by implementing various ways of tracking the user. Gekker suggests the new term 'uniquitous' to describe this double configuration, and relates this to the changing nature of digital media and cartographic practices. Consequently, he offers a new conceptual framework to understand the emerging relations between map makers and map users, which he calls 'casual power'. 

Start date and time
9 December 2016 14:30
End date and time
9 December 2016 15:45
PhD candidate
Alex Gekker
Uniquitous Cartography: Casual Power in Digital Maps
PhD supervisor(s)
Prof. Joost Raessens
Sybille LammesChris Perkins
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