Digital infrastructures - Data Centers & Sustainability

SIG Greening the digital society kick-off


GDS kicks off its new Special Interest Group (SIG) “Greening the Digital Society” with a discussion of the environmental impact of data centers, organized by SIG leaders Juditch Keilbach and Anne Helmond.

Digital infrastructures - Data Centers & Sustainability

Johan Bakker, representing NorthC Data Centers, will offer an overview of sustainability initiatives within data centers. In his presentation, he will discuss technical intricacies such as energy sources and cooling systems, while at the same time addressing customers' expectations. The example NorthC will demonstrate how data centers navigate environmental challenges.


After the presentation, the discussion will be opened by respondents Patrick Brodie (University College Dublin), Arianna Crosera (European University Institute), Marek Jancovic (Vrije Universiteit) and Julia Vekova (Linköping University). Attendees are invited to participate in the discussion!

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Grote Zaal, Muntstraat 2A
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