Dialogue 4: The Open Society and its Discontents

Openness challenged: the university at risk?


This dialogue will aim to address conceptual issues and recent trends around the open society and its discontents, their consequences for academic and media freedom and implications for the role and position of universities.

As to shape the dialogue, Prof. Liviu Matei (King’s College London), will draw on his new book Open Society Unresolved The Contemporary Relevance of a Contested Idea (CEU Press, 2023)

Prof. Mark Bovens (UU) will discuss his chapter on The open society and its challenges, which was published as part of the foundational IoS Think Paper The Open Society and its Future  (2020).

Professor Sybe de Vries (UU) will give a perspective from  the European Democracy Action Plan, addressing in particular political advertising and the European Media Freedom Act.

The session will be convened by Professor Marijk van der Wende

You’re very welcome to attend and to contribute to the dialogue!

Practical information

8 June 2023 from 15.00-17.00 hrs CET

Onsite at room 002, Drift 25, Utrecht & online via TEAMS.

Registration is required and is open here until 6 June 2023.

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