12 November 2018 from 15:15 to 17:00

Descartes - Huygens Premodern History of Knowledge Colloquium with Francesca Sola and Irene van Renswoude

Francesca Sola (PhD candidate University of Macerata): Saint Jerome’s Opera Omnia and Bibliothecae in the XVI Century. The Editorial Out-turn of Marianus Victorius’ opus Hieronymianum (1565-1572)

Francesca Sola’s research project is about an almost unknown Italian bishop,  Marianus Victorius, a  fierce adversary of Erasmus of Rotterdam and editor of an anti-erasmian edition of Saint Jerome's writings, published in Rome by Paulus Manutius (1565-1572).  We are going to check the editorial out-turn of his opus Hieronymianum through its presence, or absence, in the Bibliotheca Selecta by Antonius Possevinus, appeared in 1593, and Gessner's Bibliotheca Universalis, updated by Josias Simlerus in 1574. Using Marianus Victorius' edition as a case study, we will discuss the attempts to filter and control the free dissemination of knowledge in the age of the Counter Reformation and of the religious polemics: a battle fought in the field of an ancient literary genre, that of the Bibliothecae.

Irene van Renswoude (Huygens ING, UvA): Jerome as text editor: censorship and canon formation

In the second presentation, which is a response to Franscesca Sola’s talk, we go back to the fourth century and look at the editorial practices of Jerome himself. How did Jerome translate and edit non-canonical texts for a wider audience of readers? And how did his editorial decisions and his catalogue of famous men effect canon formation and the creation of bibliothecae in later centuries?

Start date and time
12 November 2018 15:15
End date and time
12 November 2018 17:00