Descartes Centre Summer Colloquium

Portret René Descartes door Frans Hals maar met zonnebril en zonnehoed.

Another academic year has passed, and it is finally time for our long- awaited Summer Colloquium.  Join us, lean back, and let us keep you entertained!

On Tuesday the 18th of June we will raise the curtain one more time and we’ll kick start the summertime with an event all dedicated to science and entertainment.

Some beloved members of our community will surprise us with their presentations, all in the usual beautiful setting of the Academiegebouw, Belle van Zuylenzaal, Domplein 29 in Utrecht.

We’ll start at 15.30 and conclude at 17.00, but we’ll keep the evening going enjoying drinks before saying our goodbyes for the summer.

Bring your sunglasses, good mood, and grab a drink! We will see you at the Summer Colloquium!

Best wishes, The Descartes Center Colloquium Committee

Start date and time
End date and time
Academiegebouw, Domplein 29 Utrecht: Belle van Zuylenzaal