Democratic renewal in public governance: curse or blessing?

'Futures of Democracy' invites you to the congress


On March 17, Futures of Democracy will organise the congress Democratic renewal in public governance: curse or blessing? Following the elections of the Provincial States and the water boards on March 15, the congress aims to analyse the state of democracy in the Netherlands. How justified are the concerns about democracy in the Netherlands? Is our democracy capable of coping with the major crises of our time? Are the numerous proposals for democratic renewal in public governance worth supporting? These questions are at the heart of the conference, which is open to all. Please note that the conference will be held in Dutch.

Three panels will revolve around the Provincial States, the Eerste Kamer, and the water boards respectively. Speakers will include Laura Bromet (GroenLinks member of the Tweede Kamer), Prof Sophie van Bijsterveld (Radboud University, former CDA senator), Prof. Bert van den Braak (Maastricht University, parliamentary historian), Harmen Binnema (Utrecht University, former GroenLinks senator), Amos de Jong (Volt Province of Utrecht frontrunner) and Tony Barshini (Utrecht University, jurist).

The congress will take place in de Zalen van Zeven, Bollenhofsestraat 138-A.

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Zalen van Zeven, Bollenhofsestraat 138-A

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