From 16 April 2018 09:00 to 18 April 2018 14:00

2018 Theme: Nanomaterials for Daily Life

Debye Spring School

The Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science organizes a biannual Spring School, each focused on a specific topic in nanomaterials science. The theme in 2018 will be Nanomaterials for Daily Life.

Besides improving knowledge, the Debye Spring School aims at bringing together Ph.D. candidates from the institute’s six research groups.
The school's programme consists of lectures given by renowned speakers from both national and international research institutes and industry, an evening lecture and debate on open science, and general skills workshops for PhD candidates. The evening social programme will  be organized by the Debye PhD Committee.

For more information, click the link to the Spring School programme.

Start date and time
16 April 2018 09:00
End date and time
18 April 2018 14:00