21 February 2019 from 16:00 to 17:00

Debye Colloquium

Debye Colloquium - Bottom-up grown nanowire quantum devices

Debye colloquium, Erik Bakkers
Prof. dr. Erik Bakkers

This Debye Colloquium, Bottom-up grown nanowire quantum devices, will be given by prof. dr. Erik Bakkers from the department of Applied Physics of Eindhoven University of Technology.

Erik Bakkers, full professor at the Technical University of Eindhoven and part-time professor at Delft Technical University's Quantum Transport group will visit the Debye Institute and present a talk on “Bottom-up grown nanowire quantum devices”. His work aims to exploit topological systems for use in quantum computation. In this talk, Bakker will describe his recent work on developing new devices that exhibit quantized Majorana Zero Modes (MZM).

Start date and time
21 February 2019 16:00
End date and time
21 February 2019 17:00