20 February 2018 from 17:15 to 18:45

Datafied Society Lecture: Social Justice in an Age of Datafication

© iStockphoto.com/posteriori
© iStockphoto.com/posteriori

The Data Justice Lab is a new space for research and collaboration at Cardiff University’s School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies.

It seeks to advance a research agenda that examines the intricate relationship between datafication and social justice, highlighting the politics and impacts of data-driven processes and big data. In this talk, Arne Hintz and Joanna Redden will introduce the Lab by focusing on several ongoing research projects including the Data Scores as Governance project, work on Data Policies, and the Data Harm Record. They will highlight early research findings and invite discussion about some of the ongoing methodological challenges that confront researchers working in Critical Data Studies.

Start date and time
20 February 2018 17:15
End date and time
20 February 2018 18:45
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