Crossing Borders: Electron Microscopy Centre

Opening Electron Microscopy Centre​ and David de Wied building 2.0​


The Electron Microscopy Centre (EMC) at Utrecht University contributes to the development of innovations in the field of the material sciences chemistry, physics, life sciences and geosciences to support a sustainable future.

Funding by the national NWO Roadmap and by Utrecht University has enabled the EMC to profoundly expand the collection of electron microscopes. Now, the EMC has among the most advanced electron microscopy (EM) equipment available in the world.
Utrecht University has thus achieved a tremendous milestone. To celebrate this, we organise the official opening event of the EMC on April 14, 2023.

Technological breakthroughs

Technological innovations in electron microscopy have led to major scientific breakthroughs in many areas of science. By keeping the EMC equipment on the forefront of technological developments the EMC can support research project on the highest level possible.
The EMC covers the entire spectrum of imaging and analysis; such as: preparing samples, acquiring EM imaging data, performing various image post-processing and analysis methods and performs complex three-dimensional reconstructions. By visualizing smallest details, the EMC contributes to groundbreaking insights in many fields of science.

Electron microscopy and society

The EMC contributes to solve global problems. The detailed images obtained at the EMC inform about the molecular details of diseases such as viral infections, infertility, and Alzheimer, and they guide drug development and characterization. Another important contribution is the support in frequent studies on development of new nanomaterials (publication in Nature Materials, 2022) for a more sustainable society.

A new NEMI flagship in Utrecht

The Electron Microscopy Center of Utrecht University is a flagship node in the Netherlands Electron Microscopy Infrastructure (NEMI) and is part of both the National Roadmap EPOS-NL infrastructure and the European EXCITE infrastructure for the characterization of geosciences samples.


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