Critical Pedagogies: Engaging In/Equality in the University Classroom

Workshop hosted by IOS In/Equality Platform


This multidisciplinary workshop examines how university classroom practices can engage in/equality in the classroom itself. How are our concrete teaching practices (teacher-student relations; adherence to or crossing of disciplinary boundaries; selected/dysselected types of knowledge; assignment design; classroom ethics) perpetuating or challenging in/equality in the classroom setting?

The workshop is meant to offer space for generous and open exchange across disciplines to foster mutual learning about critical pedagogies in the university of the 21stcentury. It is meant to offer space to think together about concrete critical pedagogies that tackle in/equality inside our classrooms, the most immediate field of action for university educators.

One prominent response to the above question are the recent efforts to decolonize the curriculum. Colonial modernity and the university as a key modern institution have marginalized some knowledges and centralized others. In efforts to decolonize university education, such sidelining and delegitimizing of alternative epistemologies, and especially knowledges from the Global South, is counteracted by inspecting the established curriculum - in order to broaden or revise it beyond its current institutional, disciplinary limitations. The idea for this workshop is to intersect such decolonial critique of hegemonic curricula with attention to the concrete pedagogical practices in the university classroom. What do we do to ‘decolonize our teaching’? If the how of teaching is part and parcel of the changes in what we teach – if method is understood as crucial to content – then both need to be addressed in the concrete practices of teaching/learning. The workshop hopes to offer the opportunity to converse on the challenges and possibilities of such practices.

The event is organized by dr. Birgit Kaiser, in collaboration with dr. Rachel Gillett and dr. Jeroen Oomen as well as prof. dr. Rosalba Icaza Garza, Professor of Global Politics, Feminisms and Decoloniality at the International Institute of Erasmus University Rotterdam.


All participants are asked to prepare one joint reading before coming to the workshop: Sylvia Wynter’s “N.H.I. Knowledge for the 21st Century” (1994). The text will be made available upon registration.  We also would like to ask all participants to bring to the workshop one example of a practice or a resource that they have found helpful or challenging in their classroom experiences (be it as teacher or student) when it comes to ‘decolonizing’ the experience of teaching/learning. 

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University Hall, Belle van Zuylenzaal

Due to overwhelming interest, the workshop registration is now closed. Please email if you would like to be put on the waiting list.