COVID-19: Opportunity or Risk for a Sustainability Transition of Our Economies?

Just a few months ago - in December 2019 - the EU launched the European Green Deal, a roadmap for making the EU’s economy sustainable, and “striving to be the first climate neutral continent”. Other economies of the world too are increasingly focusing on sustainability, even if the ambitions and concrete targets still fall short of the 2016 Paris Agreement. Many of the actions underpinning these ambitions assume large scale investments in, for example, green technologies. Yet, within the span of weeks, governments have committed some of the largest rescue packages in response to the economic fallout of the crisis, committing trillions and running large deficits. Poorer nations too, are quickly seeing the fiscal space shrink to make green investments. On the other hand, the current crisis might catalyse a sustainability transition in the way we live and work, working from home and using digital means to communicate, or producing much more locally to reduce the risk of global exposure to supply chains.

This webinar explores the double-edged sword that this crisis brings, between risk and opportunity, to achieve sustainability transformations in economies around the globe. Which forces will prevail? Are there regional differences? What can citizens, companies, and governments do to seize the current crisis response and accelerate a green behavioral change if fiscal space is squeezed for years to come?

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