Contesting Governance Book Launch - Exit Wounds: How America's Guns Fuel Violence Across the Border


Turning the conventional story of trafficking around, Ieva Jusionyte follows firearms smuggled from the US to Mexico. She provides a look into the world of firearms trafficking, weaving together narratives and stories of the people affected by the cycle of violence happing on both sides of the border.

Joining the discussion are Dr. Aditi Saraf, Dr. León Castellanos-Jankiewicz, and Prof. Dr. Wil Pansters. The session will be moderated by Dr. Tessa Diphoorn

Invitation flyer for a book launched organised by the contesting governance platform

Join us for the book launch of 'Exit Wounds: How America's Guns Fuel Violence Across the Border'!

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Alex Brenninkmeijer room (1.27), in the Johanna Hudig building
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