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Conference: Regulation and Enforcement in the EU: Challenges, Trends and Prospects

RENFORCE conferentie november 2018

The EU currently faces key challenges. How to design a sustainable and social market economy; how to respond to the possibilities and risks of digital technologies, how to address migratory flows, terrorism, organized crime and how to ensure cyber security?

These challenges raise in turn questions of how regulation and enforcement should be designed and implemented in the EU. Addressing such challenges requires a balancing of underlying core values as well as a careful consideration of the complex interplay between national and EU levels of government. The Europa Institute Utrecht has distinguished itself since more than 50 years with a research reputation built on this approach. It now hosts the RENFORCE research programme which applies this approach to the contemporary challenges of European integration.

Research results 

The RENFORCE conference aims at presenting our research results, at identifying and at exploring the main trends therein and assessing future prospects. These results will be addressed through three streams, “Migration and Citizenship”, “Criminal Justice”, and “The Market”. The set up of the three streams and their corresponding workshops can be further explored in the tentative programme.

The panel speakers include RENFORCE members, international researchers and practitioners. While the key note speakers will be:

  • prof. Christine Parker (Melbourne University, Australia)
  • prof. Paul Craig (Oxford University, UK)
  • prof. Colin Scott (University College Dublin, Ireland)

For the tentative programme and stream-specific information, please follow the given links.

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Instituto Cervantes (Domplein 3, 3512 JC Utrecht)


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