Conference: Public Governance and Emerging Technologies – Values, Trust, and Compliance by Design

Legal, ethical and social considerations of technology use in public governance

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We are pleased to invite you to our interdisciplinary international conference on ‘Public Governance and Emerging Technologies: Values, Trust, and Compliance by Design’ on 11-12 January 2024, in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The conference aims to explore and offer guidance on how emerging technologies in public governance might proceed from a promissory idea to development and deployment in a legally, ethically, and socially acceptable way.

The conference aims to combine expertise from multiple disciplines, such as law, sociology, philosophy, STS, public governance, and computer science, to facilitate discussions and further knowledge about emerging technologies, public values, trust, and compliance by design in public governance. Please find a description of the conference topic in this document.

The deadline for paper abstracts and panel proposals was 15 October 2023. Although the deadline for submissions passed, and we are therefore not accepting further applications for presenters, you are welcome to attend the conference as a participant. If you wish to do so, please register via the registration form

We look forward to welcoming you in Utrecht. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

For the full conference programme, including the timetable and abstracts, see:

Conference programme
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Paushuize (Kromme Nieuwegracht 49, Utrecht)

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