Conference: Law and the End of Anthropocentrism

Judiciary and Climate Change; Ecocide as an international crime

rokende schoorstenen
Photo by Chris LeBoutillier on Unsplash

The urgent ecological crises of the Anthropocene confront us with new challenges. Which role can and should Courts play as an arena for change? Do the numerous violations of the environment call for new international criminal laws to protect the environment? The conference is organized by Utrecht University and the Dutch Association for Environmental Law.

Outstanding experts from academia and practice will reflect on the role of judiciary in catalysing climate change mitigation and also discuss the proposal of recognizing ecocide as a core international crime. 


13.30 – 13.40

Welcome and introduction – Prof. Chris Backes, Utrecht University

13.40 – 14.20

Judiciary and climate change: ensuring government and corporate accountability – Brian Preston, Hon Justice Land and Environment Court of New South Wales, Sydney

14.20 – 14.40


Prof. Jaap Spier, Senior Associate of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
Dr. Natalie Dobson, Utrecht University

14.40 – 15.05

(Panel)discussion with all participants – Prof. Edward Brans, Utrecht University

15.05 – 15.30


15.30 – 16.10

Ecocide as an International Crime – Prof. Christina Voigt, Oslo University, Chair of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law


16.10 – 16.30

Reflections – 
Prof. Frank Biermann, Utrecht University, Director of the ERC Global Goals project;
Prof. Cedric Ryngaert, Utrecht University

16.30 – 16.55

(Panel)discussion with all participants – Dr. Daan van Uhm, Utrecht University

16.55 – 17.00


17.00 –

Drinks and Snacks

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