Conference: Bridge the Gap!

Een onderbroken brug van raderen wordt gesloten door gekleurde armen die een gekleurde rader in hun hand hebben ©

The Bridge the Gap! conference is a one-day event by University of Twente, where academics, who take interest in processes of (gender) diversity and inclusion in STEM school and work contexts, will share their knowledge and expertise. A particular focus will be on social identity, professional development and drop-out in STEM. Keynote talk speakers are Dr. Ruth van Veelen and Prof. Maaike Endedijk (University of Twente), and Dr. Francesca Manzi (London School of Business).

(Gender) diversity and inclusion in STEM school and work contexts

Example topics are: underrepresented groups in STEM, (gender) stereotypes, improving diversity and inclusion in male-dominated/masculine work cultures, reducing newcomer turnover, supporting professional awareness to optimize career choices.

As a participant, it is not necessary that you conduct research in the context of STEM yourself; we invite all academics with interest and/or expertise in the processes to build inclusive work/school environments and facilitate professional development and career choice.

Start date and time
End date and time
U Parkhotel (University of Twente), Enschede
Entrance fee
Participation fee (30,00 euro) and dinner (optional, 35,00 euro). We provide a special fund for researchers who have difficulty to get the fee reimbursed.

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