15 March 2017 from 14:00 to 17:00

Complex Systems Studies Workshop: Networks

To respond to the popular demand during the first workshop, there will be a series of workshops on particular topics of Complexity Science, and the upcoming topic is Networks.

The goal of the workshop is to offer insight into some of the many applications of network theory in different scientific fields, and introduce software/packages that can be used for these applications. The attained knowledge and software skills can be applied in all disciplines. The program will consist of an (optional) basic introduction to network theory for people who are new to the topic, followed by three 30-minute presentations on applications of networks in sociology, psychology and climatology. After the presentations, each of the speakers will organize a short 45-minute tutorial in which the participants can gain hands-on experience in using software/packages for network analysis. Afterwards, there will be room for further discussion and drinks.




14.00-14:30       Mini crash-course: An introduction to Networks (optional)

                              For people who are entirely new to network theory

14.30-15:00       Analysis and visualization of social network data from Twitter

                   (abstract, Gephi installation, R and R-studio installation, tutorial material)

                              Bas Hofstra, PhD Researcher, Department of Sociology, UU

15:00-15:30       Estimating psychopathological networks

                                                                                  (abstract, R package installation)

                              Jonas Haslbeck, PhD Researcher, Psychosystems Group, UvA

15:30-16:00       Network approaches to nonlinear time series analysis

   (abstract, Python package installed in the CLUe server, readme, readme for wetty)

                              Qingyi Feng, Post-doc Researcher, IMAU, UU

16.00-16:45       Hands-on tutorial on using software/package in one of the three discussed applications

16.45-17:00       Wrap-up

17:00-18:00       Drinks and further discussion


Please register by Friday 10 March.

We hope to welcome you on the 15th of March!

Organizers: Joris Broere, Alje van Dam, Qingyi Feng, Thomas Gomez and Freek Witteveen


Start date and time
15 March 2017 14:00
End date and time
15 March 2017 17:00