Community event - Inter-study society Battle bots!

Come along and see battle bots in action.


What is going on?

This year LPL has been busy organizing battle bots workshops for different study groups including Amino, UBV and A-eskwadraat. Each of these sessions had a winner and this month the winners are getting together to decide which study society builds the best bots.

The planning is simple, from 15:30 the groups will be brought into the lab and reminded of the conditions, the groups will have a little an hour and a half to build their craft their bots, build their weapons and assemble their warrior. At 17:15 we will start the battling and at 17:30 we will start borreling and helping people with any side projects they might have. 

Anyone is welcome to join from 17:00 to watch the bots finish their assembly and prepare for battle. 


The location will be in our prototyping space in the Caroline Bleekergebouw

Start date and time
End date and time
Entrance fee

Via link for those watching an mailing for those participating in battle bots. 

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