Colloquium Hot Topics: Jean Paul Gattuso

Ocean based measures for climate action

Within the IMAU colloquium series a special series is embedded called “Hot Topics in Climate”. This year the series will be devoted to the carbon cycle and geo-engineering. 

In this series we start with a ca 15-minute introduction by an international expert on the topic, which can be a bit provocative emphasizing points where scientists still disagree, or where the science is still controversial, followed by 45 minutes of open discussion. 

Our first speaker is Jean-Pierre Gattuso who will discuss “Ocean based solution to climate change

Jean-Pierre is research director at the Laboratoire d'Océanographie de Villefranche, CNRS, and Sorbonne University. His main research activity relates to the cycling of carbon and carbonate in coastal ecosystems. More recently, he focused on the response of marine organisms and ecosystems to climate change and ocean acidification. He was e.g., the Scientific Coordinator of the EPOCA (European Project on Ocean Acidification). Recently he assessed ocean-based solutions to climate change and its impact under the umbrella of The Ocean Solutions Initiative) which is the first hot topic we present in this series. 

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