23 June 2017 from 11:45 to 13:00

CLUe training #6 (Gephi: network analysis and visualization software)

The monthly CLUe training is part of the Complexity Laboratorium Utrecht (CLUe) activities. The aim of the CLUe training is to provide hands-on tutorials on particular Complexity Science software/packages/numerical methods, which will be beneficial to your current or future studies.

On Friday 23 June 2017 from 12:00 to 13:00, Dr. Rense Corten (Assistant Professor from Social Sciences) will show you how to use Gephi for network analysis and how it can be applied to the visualization of social network data from Twitter.

Presentation slides, Download Data, Tutorial, Instruction for analyzing and visualizing your own Twitter networks in Gephi, R script

A brief introduction

Gephi is the leading visualization and exploration software for all kinds of graphs and networks. It helps data analysts to intuitively reveal patterns and trends, highlight outliers and tells stories with their data. It uses a 3D render engine to display large graphs in real-time and to speed up the exploration. Like Photoshop™ but for graph data, the user interacts with the representation, manipulate the structures, shapes and colors to reveal hidden patterns. Moreover, Gephi is designed to follow the chain of a case study, from data file to nice printable maps. The goal is to help data analysts to make hypothesis, intuitively discover patterns, isolate structure singularities or faults during data sourcing. It is a complementary tool to traditional statistics, as visual thinking with interactive interfaces is now recognized to facilitate reasoning. (Source)

Simple examples

You can use Gephi to make meaningful network representation. Gephi also enables you to customize colors, size or labels which bring sense to the network representation. The vectorial preview module lets you put the final touch and care about aesthetics before explorting in SVG or PDF. (Source)

Network representation by Gephi example 1
Network representation by Gephi example 2

Things to notice

  1. Please bring your own laptop, and make sure you have installed Gephi (network analysis and visualization), R and R Studio (download Twitter data).
  2. If you want to download your own Twitter data, please create your own Twitter account.
  3. Free lunch will be provided for all the participants.

To participate please register before Tue 20 Jun 2017.


Start date and time
23 June 2017 11:45
End date and time
23 June 2017 13:00