25 January 2019 from 11:40 to 13:00

CLUe Training 20: How to Animate your Presentation

The monthly CLUe training is part of the Complexity Lab Utrecht (CLUe) activities. The aim of the CLUe training is to provide hands-on tutorials on particular Complexity Science software and methods, which will be beneficial to your current or future studies.

Kaj-Ivar van der Wijst will teach us how to generate animated graphs for fancy and enlightening presentations. 


During this workshop, we will discuss various modern tools to spice up your presentations, in three main topics.

  • First, you will learn the basics of making sleek-looking presentations in the HTML framework Reveal.js: slides, subslides, fragments and how to use custom Javascript events to make your graphs and animations really come to life.
  • Second, we will introduce the amazing D3.js library: data driven documents which uses purely Javascript, SVG and HTML, all integrated in your Reveal slides. While there are thousands of possibilities, we will show how to create animated networks, how to deal with geographical data and just show some of the coolest possibilities that this library has to offer.
  • Third, you will get to know Plotly, the modern interactive plotting library. Even though we use it as part of our presentation framework, this library is also a great improvement over your average static Matlab, Python or R graphs.

We will round the workshop off with some examples of other libraries (like 3D animations) being integrated in Reveal.js slides.

Prior basic knowledge of javascript is nice to have (or if you've ever made a website, that's more than enough), but since all libraries (and javascript itself) is quite intuitive, any programming affinity is enough to have an interesting workshop.


Things to Note

Please bring your own laptop.


Location: Centre for Complex Systems Studies, room 4.16, Minnaert Building, Leuvenlaan 4, De Uithof, Utrecht

The lunch is FREE for all the participants

Please register before Wednesday January 23rd

Start date and time
25 January 2019 11:40
End date and time
25 January 2019 13:00