1 March 2019 from 11:40 to 13:00

CLUe Lunch Meeting 21: Self-Organisation in Communication, Traffic and Energy

From birds to bird flock: Self-organisation

Unfornutately, this CLUe lunch meeting has to be CANCELLED due to illness of the speaker. We hope to reschedule the talk to a later date. 

The monthly CLUe lunch meeting is part of the Complexity Lab Utrecht (CLUe) activities. The aim of the CLUe lunch meeting is to learn from complex system researchers from various disciplines.

Prof. Hans van den Berg will tell us about self-organisation in societal and technical complex systems. 

Short Bio

Hans van den Berg is Professor for Traffic Engineering in Mobile Networks at the University of Twente. He investigates self-organisation in ad-hoc / mobile networks in many fields, including traffic, the internet of services, and smart energy grids. 


In the past decade the concept of self-organisation has gained a lot of attention in various economic and societal domains, for example Communications (self-organising networks), Energy (self-organising smart energy gids) and Logistics (self-organising logistics). In the presentation we will review this trend towards self-organisation in such large-scale systems and address questions, like: What are the drivers for the ‘introduction’ of self-organisation in these systems? What does self-organisation actually mean in these different contexts? What can be learned from biological/physical systems that are inherently self-organizing?


Location: Centre for Complex Systems Studies, room 4.16, Minnaert Building, Leuvenlaan 4, De Uithof, Utrecht

The lunch is FREE for all the participants

Please register before  Wednesday Feb 27th 

Start date and time
1 March 2019 11:40
End date and time
1 March 2019 13:00