Cineforum: #Fightwithcare

IOS Fair Transitions / LAND Conference Activity open to the public

poster for documentary screening #fightwithcare

We are thrilled to announce that as part of the IOS Fair Transitions / LANDac 2023 International Conference, we will be screening the documentary #Fightwithcare by Bhargav Prasad and Ain Contractor, and hosting a discussion on the different ways in which visuals can be used to bring the voices of the margins to the center of political debate. 

The activity is open to the public and we welcome students, conference-goers and others interested! 

#Fightwithcare showcases the voices of Indigenous fisherwomen from India who are campaigning for coastal wetland conservation. Through the power of visual storytelling, #Fightwithcare highlights the critical importance of indigenous knowledge and care practices in the conservation of ecosystems and the impact of insensitive industrial and port infrastructure on the environment and on communities. 

Join us for an evening of dialogue on environmental justice, gender justice, inclusion, climate mitigation and explore with experts the way in which you could apply creative forms of activism to your own life. 

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Drift 25 (Room 002)
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5 Euros
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