CCSS Meeting #59: Beyond-GDP: State-of-the-Art and Way Forward


This lecture will be held in physical format at the CCSS Living Room (Min. 4.16) with lunch and refreshments provided. The theme of this CCSS Lunch Meeting is Human Well-being.

Speaker Overview

Dr. ir. Rutger Hoekstra is an associate professor at the Institute of Environmental Sciences of Leiden University. He leads the WISE Horizons project which is a 4-year European project to develop metrics, accounting and models for Wellbeing, Inclusion and Sustainability (WISE). 

Lecture Overview

For decades it has been known that GDP is a poor measure of the success of a country. Hundreds of Beyond-GDP alternatives (such as the Human Development Index, Genuine Progress Indicator and Sustainable Development Goals) have been suggested since the early 1970s. Rutger Hoekstra will describe the state of the art in this domain including the most recent projects that have been initiated by the European Commission and United Nations. He will also describe the most recent research in terms of synthesizing measurement systems, creating accounting systems and projections of wellbeing, inclusion and sustainability (WISE). Based on this book “Replacing GDP by 2030” and the WISE Horizons project that he coordinates, he will sketch a way forward.

There will be 45-min lecture from the speaker, followed by a 15-min Question & Answer session.

To attend the lecture, please signup below before 15:00 on Wednesday 18 October.

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Physical Meeting >> CCSS Living Room, Room 4.16, Minneartgebouw