CCSS Meeting #52: The energy-complexity nexus: A conundrum for the energy transition?


This lecture will be held in physical format in our CCSS Living Room (Minneartgebouw 4.16), where participants can enjoy lunch & refreshments - please signup for free below. The lecture can also be attended online via this link. The theme of this CCSS Lunch Meeting is Sustainability Transitions.

Speaker Overview

Dr. Franco Ruzzenenti (RUG) is an Assistant Professor at University of Groningen. His research focuses on the interplay between Network Theory, Energy Modelling, Industrial Ecology, Finite-Time Thermodynamics, Energy Efficiency, Transport Networks, Energy Markets and Complex Systems. He contributed to the book: Complex Systems and Social Practices in Energy Transitions - Framing Energy Sustainability in the Times of Renewables. He graduated in Environmental Economics at the University of Siena in 2001. After two years in Oxford studying Biology and Chemistry at Brookes, he obtained a Ph.D. in Environmental Chemistry in Siena.

Lecture Overview

Arguably for the first time in history an energy transition should be the result of a sentient process, but whether or not mankind possesses the needed agency to convert will into action, it still  remains unsolved the question where such will should be directed to: hydrogen or electricity; nuclear or renewables; carbon sequestration or reduction; mitigation or adaptation; supply or demand? No matter if you belong to the sect of technological mysticism (technology will enable us to do the same, with less) or to that of ecological pauperism (we must urgently change “behaviors”), Science, like a talisman, is consulted to enquire the future and lead us into a bright, clean future. The parnassus of zero emissions. Although almost anyone is prone to acknowledge that such a task is complex, very few wonder and speculate whether complexity allows predictions altogether. Are complex systems predictable and to what extent we confound predictions, prescriptions (norms) and descriptions? This is an enigma that Science has not entirely solved and probably will not solve for long, if not forever; but yet there is something Complex Systems Theory(s) can teach us beyond forecasting endeavor: it can shed a light into the fascinating, still deeply unexplored, nexus between energy and complexity. Why energy (density) and complexity are seemingly wedded, in life and human made systems? What are the implications of such a nexus for the quest of the energy transition?

Meeting Details

There will be 45-min lecture from the speaker, followed by a 15-min Question & Answer session.

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