CCAN's Classy Salon #4: Where Precarity and Class meet in Academia (with 0.7, Casual Academy, and Marijn Scholte)


We are excited to invite you to the 4th Classy Salon, organised together with 0.7 and the Casual Academy on precarious contracts in academia and how this relates to class issues.

Pursuing a career in academia a challenging path in many ways. One crucial obstacle that discourages, hinders, or even impedes young academics is the type of 'precarious' contracts; part-time and temporary contracts that offer little income and no job security. A growing group of academics is fighting this system on ethical as well as legal grounds.

Panel Discussion

The salon will consist of a panel discussion on this precarious system, what it is like, its problems, and the way forward. Being a classy salon, we will especially focus on how precarious labour conditions particularly affect young academics from working-class backgrounds, for whom the low wages and lack of job security can be even more harmful. The panel are:

Note: The panel will be held in English, but questions and comments in Dutch are always welcomed, and if desired someone can translate the conversation.

There will be ample time for Q&A.

Afterwards, everyone is invited to stay and meet fellow first-gen and working-class students and academics as well as other wonderful people over a drink (the 1st drink is generously offered by the EDI-Office!).

Start date and time
End date and time
Café de Tussentijd (Janskerkhof 24, Utrecht)
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For more information, please see the CCAN website.