From 16 October 2017 to 24 November 2017 17:00

Call for proposals for Institutions for Open Societies ‘Seed Money’

Strategic theme Institutions for Open Societies is pleased to invite all Utrecht University scholars to participate in the 8th call for proposals for the ‘Seed Money’ initiative. Proposals can be submitted until 5.00 pm Friday November 24th 2017. Applicants will be informed as soon as possible after this date about the decision on their application.


In this call for proposals the facilities that can be applied for has been extended. As you likely know, the goal of our Seed Money grant is to temporarily exempt staff from teaching and administrative tasks, and to create temporary contracts for PhD candidates and post-docs or extend their current contracts. However, in this call for proposals, it is also possible to apply for funding other facilities too, such as research assistance and renting space to do pilot experiments. Through the buyout and potential funding for other support an interdisciplinary application for an NWO or other external grant can be written. 

Furthermore, it is possible to request 'strategic seed money'  to form long-term large consortia, for instance for Gravitation-applications, large H2020 / European projects or other applications of comparable size.

Additionally, there are two instruments to apply for Seed Money to form training consortia and to stimulate large-scale projects at a very early stage (for this last option a maximum of two proposals will be funded in this call). Please read the enclosed call for more information.

How to aply

Applications shall consist of no more than three pages and include a short summary of the subject and research question, the researchers involved, the concrete goal of the researchers (what kind of specific interdisciplinary proposal will follow from this application?), the suggested interdisciplinary framework, and the scientific and societal relevance. The application must also include a concise budget (what will the funding be used for and when will it be used?). 

The application should closely link up with at least one of our five interdisciplinary pillars/academic streams. The academic streams have been described briefly in our Institutions for Open Societies brochure (see attachment) and are called:

  1. Institutions for Cooperation, Self-regulation and Collective Action
  2. Institutions for Sustainability and Resilience
  3. Institutions for Innovation and Prosperity
  4. Institutions for Equality, Inclusion and Social Mobility
  5. Institutions for Democratic Governance, Citizenship and Trust

The applications (in Word, not in PDF) may be sent to Peter van der Maas via email (  

Please note: Proper coordination prior to submission is very important for the purpose of educational planning (short term buy-out of educational obligations) and/or the appointment policy of postdocs (Work and Security Act). To ensure that the applicant has discussed this with the managers concerned, the application must be signed by the department head, research director or managing director.

For further information about the grant application and our Institutions brochure, please see the appendices.


About Seed Money

If you have any further questions, please contact our Programme Team 

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16 October 2017
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24 November 2017 17:00
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