Brown Bag Lunch Conversation: Economic Resilience of Women

Gender, Diversity & Global Justice

Plantje groeit in potje geld. Foto: Micheile Henderson, via Unsplash

On 2 November, the Gender, Diversity & Global Justice Platform organises the next Brown Bag Lunch Conversation titled ‘Economic Resilience of Women’.

NWA project Economic Resilience of Women

This Brown Bag Lunch Conversation focuses on the first findings of the NWA project Economic Resilience of Women, which kicked off in September 2022. In this presentation, Lianne Aarntzen, Onur Sahin, and Gonneke Ton present, each from their own living labs, their perspective, methodologies, and approaches to the project and discuss what they are currently working on.

The BBL will start with Lianne Aarntzen, who will provide a concise overview of the Dutch ‘Economic Resilience Women’ Coalition, which consists of a variety of stakeholders in several public and scientific domains. This approach follows the principle of ‘fixing the system’ rather than ‘fixing women’. Her presentation will specifically focus on the ecosystems surrounding women and she will illustrate how fostering greater confidence among men in their roles as fathers can potentially lead to increased paternal engagement and consequently a more equitable care division.

Secondly, Onur Sahin will talk about the longitudinal, experimental living lab that is designed to investigate the impact of a brief knowledge-based intervention during couples’ first pregnancy, which aims to foster a more equal division of labor (domestic and paid) in heterosexual couples.

Lastly, Gonneke Ton discusses economically vulnerable women in the Netherlands. This diverse group is comprised of over one million women who lack paid employment or benefits, and include those who are dependent on financially stable partners. Ton’s presentation specifically focuses on the development of a large scale survey on the motivation, ability, and opportunities for these women.

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