Breaking Science 2022 - heat 2

Utrecht research explained in three minutes


Breaking Science is back! During the annual science communication competition, early-career researchers have just three minutes to pitch their research or a scientific concept from their field of study. Who can tell the most convincing science story of 2022?

Pitch competition Breaking Science

Breaking Science is a science communication battle for young scientists organized by Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht. We aim to help discover charismatic, up-coming researchers who can inspire you to see the world from a completely new perspective… all in a timespan of just three minutes!

In total 33 candidates will battle during four heats in May. Each heat sends through their two winners to the big Final on May 30th.


The rules for Breaking Science are few, but crucial:

  1. Each competitor has 3 minutes and not a second more to present any scientific, engineering, mathematical or medical topic of his/her choice;
  2. PowerPoint slides are taboo, as are any other electronic presentation or audio recording types;
  3. Participants can only use the props that they can carry onto stage themselves.

A jury, consisting of a science journalist and an experienced Utrecht researcher will tighten the screws on the pitch and provide crucial constructive feedback. They will determine the winners on the basis of three selection criteria: quality of content, clarity of presentation and charisma. Who can tell the most convincing science story of 2022?

Sharing Days

Utrecht University and the Utrecht University Fund are working towards a better world for tomorrow. But we cannot do this alone. We need the university community to help us do it! That's why the Sharing Days will take place for the first time from16 to 22 May. A week full of special encounters in inspiring places with various opportunities to contribute to the growth and prosperity of Utrecht University. Discover the renewed University Museum, take a look at the Botanical Gardens, talk to former students of Incluusion and much more! Take a look at

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Bar – Parnassos Cultuurcentrum, Kruisstraat 201, 3581GK, Utrecht
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No application necessary, but places are limited so be on time

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