Botanic Gardens during Weekend van de Wetenschap


Sunday October 2nd is the Weekend van de Wetenschap and Utrecht University will again open its doors in the Utrecht Science Park for young and old. Of course, the Botanic Gardens are not missing from the programme. Our Gardens will be open to everyone free of charge on that day, the festival pavilion can be found in the Gardens and one of our scientists - Isabela Pombo Geertsma - will give a workshop on plants in the kitchen and in the medicine cabinet. The programme of the Weekend van de Wetenschap will be in Dutch.

Festival pavilion in the Botanic Gardens

On 'Het Kleine Gras' - in the Gardens, directly opposite the Victor J. Koningsberger building where most of the activities take place - is the festival pavilion. With a terrace, drinks and snacks and beanbags, it is great to sit down before or after one of the activities. No need to walk through the Gardens entrance: the gate to the Budapestlaan is open.

Vier kinderen in de tropische kassen van de Botanische Tuinen

Workshop 'make your own herbarium'

How to make your own herbarium? How do edible plants taste and smell? Which plants have medicinal properties? During Isabela Pombo Geertsma's workshop, you will learn all about them and get to work yourself. Isabela is a scientist at the Botanic Gardens and does research on edible and medicinal plants. She will bring dried and fresh plants for you to smell and taste. And you will dry plants yourself with a press so you can make your own herbarium. Will you soon be making the same collection of dried plants at home as Isabela showed you during this workshop?

Visit the Gardens

Today, admission is free for everyone. For example visit the spectacular Rock Garden or let the most beautiful, tropical butterflies flutter around you in the Butterfly Greenhouse.

Utrecht University's programme during the Weekend van de Wetenschap takes place in the Victor J. Koningsberger Building and starts at 10:30 am. It ends at 16:00. Registration is not necessary.

Weekend van de Wetenschap
Start date and time
End date and time
Victor J. Koningsbergerbuilding at Utrecht Science Park
Entrance fee
Free (Free entrance today in the Botanic Gardens)

Registration is not necessary.

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