30 June 2017 from 14:00 to 19:45

Yearly Symposium and BBQ of the Department of Biology

Biology is Everywhere – Westerdijk, then and now

Johanna Westerdijk (zittend links) in gezelschap van vier mannen aan een tafeltje in café Eik en Linde te Amsterdam. (c) Schuitvlot, Nico - Collectie IAV - Atria, kennisinstituut voor emancipatie en vrouwengeschiedenis.

The department of Biology organizes the event:

Biology is Everywhere! Westerdijk, then and now

Registration starts at 14.00 pm with coffee and tea in the hall of the Marinus Ruppert building, Leuvenlaan 21 at the Utrecht Science Park. The program starts at 14.30 pm in lectureroom White at the Marinus Ruppert building with lectures from:

  • Dr. Saskia van Wees – ‘What a difference a century makes for a plant pathology research’
  • Dr. Patricia Faasse - ‘Johanna Westerdijk – Pioneer in plant pathology’
  • Prof.dr. Pedro Crous – ‘Biodiversity and impact of phytopathogenic funghi’

The symposium ends at 17.00 pm. The event continues with a BBQ, organised by the UBV, and a yearly teacher award ceremony at 17.45 pm. The program ends at 19.45 pm.

Staff, students and alumni of the Department of Biology and the Faculty of Science are invited to register this event. (People outside the department and faculty can register, but get on a waiting list and will be informed about their participation shortly before the event)

  • Participation in the event is free, but we kindly request you to complete your registration form if you want to take part in the event because of the maximum number of participants and catering.
  • We encourage participants to use public transport (directions) as parking lots in the Uithof are available but space may be limited.

For information about the event contact the organisation: Marja van der Linden – biologie@uu.nl, phone 030-2532632
Organising committee: Prof.dr.ir. Corné Pieterse, Jonno van Vulpen (UBV), Marja van der Linden

Start date and time
30 June 2017 14:00
End date and time
30 June 2017 19:45
Entrance fee
free of charge