26 October 2018 from 08:55 to 17:15

Second UIPS symposium

Bioinspired Therapies; UIPS symposium with four keynote speakers

UIPS Symposium

On 26 October 2018, the second UIPS symposium will take place. The symposium is intended for staff and students of the institute and our close collaborators. Four very interesting keynote speakers will spark enthousiasm and debate. Professor Carlijn Bouten from Tu/E will talk aboout regenerative medicine. Dr. Roland Pierik from UvA will talk about the state's responsibiliy for vaccination. Prof. Darrell Irvine from MIT will talk on engineering immunotherapy. And dr. Derek Lowe will talk about drug discovery. Do check out his well-informed blog on http://blogs.sciencemag.org/pipeline/

You can download the programme in the left column and here.

Start date and time
26 October 2018 08:55
End date and time
26 October 2018 17:15
Entrance fee
Free of charge