25 February 2020 from 19:30 to 21:30

Big History #2: Between freedom, status and the kitchen sink

The feminist waves of the last century have given women the right to vote, contraception and more respect. But before that? The picture of the position of women that emerges from history is often not positive. Women were bound to the household and it was men who dominated politics, science and armies. Dr Sarah Carmichael (Department of History and Art History Utrecht University) argues that this image is less black and white than we think it is. During Big History #2 she explores the position of women from prehistoric times and shows that women had more freedom of action than is usually assumed.

This event is part of the serie 'Big History' organized in collaboration with TivoliVredenburg, The Centre for Humanities and the Centre for Global Challenges. For more information and other editions, please visit Big History #2 (the presentation by Sarah Carmichal will be in English, discussion will be in Dutch). 

Start date and time
25 February 2020 19:30
End date and time
25 February 2020 21:30
Entrance fee
10€ (regular), 5€ (student)
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Please note that event will be held in Dutch