CHIP Lecture Fall 2019

Berber Meindertsma on Het HEM: a new arts organisation on a contested cultural heritage site

In June 2019, Het HEM opened its doors as a new home for contemporary culture. In the CHIP Lecture of Fall 2019, University College Utrecht alumna Berber Meindertsma discusses how the history of Het HEM's location relates to its identity.

Berber giving a tour in Het HEM
Alumna Berber Meindertsma (right) in Het HEM

Located in a former bullet factory on the once secret munition production and testing site het Hembrugterrein, Het HEM is transforming the building into a space for artists and audiences to experiment in making and experiencing art and reflecting on society in local and global contexts. The underlying ambition is to bring people closer together and establish communities that carry multiple voices. What does this transition from military zone to creative space mean in current society? How can the two be connected and what programmes can we create that are sensitive to this context?


University College Utrecht alumna Berber Meindertsma will discuss these questions in relation to Het HEM, her previous role at the Serpentine Galleries in London, her Master's in Art & Politics at Goldsmiths University of London, and the UCU Cultural Heritage Programme (CHIP). Her curiosity about the role of the arts in society has allowed her to explore various questions facing the contemporary art world today. Berber will share some of her findings about working directly with artists, curators, directors and collectors, and answer any questions you may have about working in the art world.

This lecture is part of the Seminars in Global Art History and Heritage series, organised by Stijn Bussels (Leiden University), Thijs Weststeijn (Utrecht University), and Mary Bouquet (University College Utrecht).  

Start date and time
End date and time
Locke Hall, Room C (ground floor), University College Utrecht, Campusplein 16-19