3 July 2018 from 12:30 to 17:30

Symposium on the theme Where do I belong?

Belonging in twenty-first century families

For children and adolescents, their sense of belonging is essential for their development into resilient citizens. This feeling of belonging originates from the relationships with their primary caregivers. Nowadays, many children reside in different family forms such as divorced and blended families, and as a result grow up in more than one home. In this symposium we aim to explore how this affects children’s and parents’ sense of belonging and identity. Which factors are important to consider, to prevent these children's sense of belonging from being threatened?

Doel onderzoek 'Gezinsrelaties na scheiden'

To address how children in multiresident families experience belonging, this symposium aims to gather experts who study family relationships and youth belonging from different perspectives and disciplines, who will focus on questions like:


  • What are the psychological consequences for children of being raised in two homes and families?
  • How can social media facilitate a sense of belonging in 21st century families?
  • How can the law be designed as to promote belonging of children in modern families?
  • How can the quality, form and subjects of communication between parents and children promote children’s feelings of belonging towards each parent and the family as a whole?
  • How does relocating from home to home affect belonging and participation in different contexts?

We aim to foster conversations about youth’s sense of belonging while growing up in two homes based on the latest scientific developments, in order to strengthen our interdisciplinary research about belonging in different family contexts and foster more rapid advances in promoting youth belonging.

Confirmed speakers

  • Tami Kremer-Sadlik (UCLA, Department of Anthropology): Communication and growing up in multiple families or homes
  • Masha Antokolskaia (VU, Faculty of Law): The law and growing up in multiple families or homes
  • Kim Bastaits (Hogeschool PXL Hasselt, Department of Social Work): Children’s experiences growing up in multiple families or homes

Who can join?

Researchers and professionals interested in youth and growing up in two families or homes.

Preliminary programme

Time Subject Speaker 
12.30 - 13.00 Arrival   
13.00 - 13.10 Introduction of the theme Where do I belong?  prof. dr. Susan Branje 
13.10 - 13.50 Child belonging and wellbeing in post-divorce families  Not yet confirmed
13.50 - 14.30 The law and growing up in multiple families or homes prof. mr. Masha Antokolskaia 
14.30 - 14.45 Coffee break  
14.45 - 15.25 Communication and growing up in multiple families or homes dr. Tami Kremer-Sadlik
15.25 - 16.05 Moving through space and contexts when growing up in multiple families or homes Not yet confirmed
16.05 - 16.20 Coffee break  
16.20 - 17.00 Growing up in multiple families or homes Kim Bastaits
17.00 - 17.20  Demo of the ChildPower app, which aims to facilitate belonging when living in multiple homes  

17.20 - 18.30

Closing drinks  


Research on children and youth

In dealing with social problems, you need to start with the children. Utrecht University invests in resilient youth. Within the research theme Dynamics of Youth, scientists from all fields of expertise work together in order to better understand child development. How can we help young people to grow and thrive in our rapidly changing society? 

Start date and time
3 July 2018 12:30
End date and time
3 July 2018 17:30
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