Basic Training Intellectual Property (IP) Rights


Do you have an idea but are you afraid to share it because you don't want to loose your competitive advantage? Are you lost when it comes to the different intellectual property (IP) rights or are you just looking to refresh your knowledge? Come and learn about IP and ownership. Go from IP-anxious to IP-aware in just 1-hour.

During this workshop, we'll introduce you to the different IP rights and examine practical examples of IP in collaborations and ownership, as well as discuss the concept of freedom to operate. We'll also highlight the value of technical details disclosed in patent publications.

The first half of the workshop will be used to provide an overview and explanation of the different IP rights. In the second half of the workshop, we will work on a case study to give you insights in how different IP rights work in reality. Afterwards, we have time for questions. 

This training is provided by The Netherlands Patent Office, part of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and EP&C Patent Attorneys.

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Any UU-student interested to learn more! There’s no prior knowledge or preparation necessary. The workshop is free of charge, but we do expect you to show up and participate once you’ve registered. The language of the workshop is English, unless there are only Dutch-speaking participants present.

The UU Centre for Entrepreneurship organizes workshops around skills that are valuable in any situation that requires ideas to be put into action - whether you're interested in entrepreneurship or just looking for personal or professional development.

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UtrechtInc (Padualaan 8)
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Free of charge

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