Anthropology of the Future — by Roanne van Voorst

'Friends of the Future' Seminar

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Join us on March 28th for an engaging Friends of the Future seminar with Roanne van Voorst, futures anthropologist, writer, columnist and president of the Dutch Future Society. Although anthropology has traditionally focused on the past, there has been a growing interest in future-oriented research in recent years. However, this is not easy for a discipline that primarily relies on fieldwork as its primary data source: methods and tools to study futures in an anthropological manner still need to be developed. Roanne van Voorst is one of those developers. She is affiliated with the University of Amsterdam, where she leads ERC-funded research into the future of healthcare. In her work, she combines Futures-Thinking methods with classical anthropological and ethnographic methods. Register for this talk by emailing Timothy Stacey:

About Roanne van Voorst

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Dr. Roanne van Voorst is a futures anthropologist, writer, columnist and president of the Dutch Future Society. She is currently affiliated with the University of Amsterdam as assistant professor. As an ‘anthropologist of the future’; her core research focuses on what she has coined ‘sustainable humanity’: in times of robotification, digitization and big-data lead decisionmaking, what makes us human? And how does society remain humane? Her current, ERC-granted research investigates these topics in the context of public health, in six different country case studies. Learn more at

About 'Friends of the Future'

The Friends of the Future seminars are the Urban Futures Studio’s take on public seminars: warm, interactive, and focused on hope. Each month, we invite an academic, activist, artist, or practitioner to chat with us on the sofa in front of a circle of colleagues and guests. All are welcome.

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