Annual Symposium "Connecting Mathematical Methods across Utrecht University" - Edition 2023


Researchers from different research areas often use similar mathematical techniques and struggle with similar problems. Nevertheless, the various fields involved develop in most cases without being aware of each other’s progress and of the existing state-of-the art tools used by mathematicians. The aim of this annual symposium is therefore to bring together the people at Utrecht University that apply quantitative methods in their research and in that manner stimulate interaction and cross-fertilization.

The symposium consists of a number of talks in which mathematical methods are used for biology, linguistics, social sciences, economics, and health, all accessible to a broad audience.


13:00-13:25    Lunch

13:25-13:30    Opening
                        Prof. dr. Ieke Moerdijk

Economics & Health:

13:30-14:00    Moving past paradox: The mathematics of interactive decision-making
                       Prof. dr. Willemien Kets (Short CV & Abstract)
14:00-14:30    A Bayesian inference method to estimate transmission trees with multiple introductions applied to SARS-CoV-2 in Dutch mink farms
                       Dr. Martin Bootsma (Short CV & Abstract)
14:30-14:45    Break

Social Sciences & Linguistics:
14:45-15:15    Maximize impact with limited social network information: Seeding high-degree neighbors
                       Dr. Jiamin Ou (Short CV & Abstract)
15:15-15:45    Discontinuous constituency and BERT: using logical grammar to investigate what large-scale language models (don’t) understand
                       Dr. Gijs Wijnholds (Short CV & Abstract)
15:45-16:00    Break

16:00-16:30    Stochastic Dynamics in Biology: from Thermodynamics to Control
                       Dr. Florian Berger (Short CV & Abstract)

16:30-17:30    Networking and Drinks

Participation is free, but registration is kindly requested before 15:00 on Monday 30th of January.

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Physical Meeting >> CCSS Living Room, Room 4.16, Minnaertgebouw
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