From 23 July 2019 13:00 to 27 July 2019 12:00

Annual Meeting History of Science Society - Call for Registration

With the plenary session and distinguished lecture in churches with histories that date back a 1000 years, with the Elizabeth Paris Public Lecture by Jeroen van Dongen in the railway museum, and with more bicycles than you've seen in your lifetime (unless, of course, you're from The Netherlands, in which case it's just business as usual), this will be our most unique meeting yet.

Come join us for our 2019 meeting in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Registration is now open. Instructions and additional details available on the meeting website.

Register before 15 May 2019 to enjoy reduced rates. 

Start date and time
23 July 2019 13:00
End date and time
27 July 2019 12:00