After UCU: Law Network Unlocked

UCU AO x LawCo


Join us for an exciting event for alumni and students alike brought to you by the UCU Alumni Office and LawCo.


Calling all UCU law students and recent graduates! This event is not to be missed, as you'll have the chance to meet and learn from UCU alumni who are now practicing law. The first part of the event is an alumni panel (Andrea Sindova '10, Jurriaan Bos ’19, Sybren van der Velden ’18, Emile Hallo ’19) and Q&A session that will give you informative guidance on pursuing a career in law, selecting a specialization, etc. But wait, there's more!

The second part of the event is for both UCU alumni and students and features alumnus guest speaker, Emiel Jurjens '06. Emiel is a highly experienced media lawyer who has represented (inter)national media, journalists and human rights defenders in cases about the freedom of speech. Those cases always revolve around current issues such as the right to be forgotten, fake news, ‘SLAPPs’ or the #metoo debate. He has special expertise in the field of whistleblowers and (international) investigative journalism. He also advises and litigates on matters relating to the right to protest, copyright and media regulation (in particular the Audiovisual Media Services Directive). During his talk, Emiel will delve into his personal and professional experiences as well as the current challenges and relevant issues within his field.

The evening will conclude with a borrel where you'll have the chance to network and reconnect with fellow alumni, students and staff. This event will be a great opportunity to gain valuable insights and new make connections.


18.30 - 19.15: Alumni panel and Q&A
19.15 - 19.45: Guest Speaker - Emiel Jurjens '06
19.45 - 20.30: Networking Borrel

Start date and time
End date and time
University College Utrecht, UCSA Bar, Maupertuusplein 1, 3584 ED Utrecht
Entrance fee
Free of charge! However we'd appreciate it if you register in advance.

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