Advertising a Better Future — by Jean Railla

'Friends of the Future' Seminar

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Join us on July 3rd for an engaging Friends of the Future with Jean Railla, former creative advertiser, founder of the Creative Lab for Social Impact and clinical adjunct professor at New York University. For over fifty years, we have known that facts and information alone do not help people change their minds or behaviours, and yet many progressives continue to do just that.  If we want to shift collective thoughts and behaviours, and promote environmental and social stewardship, we have to move beyond information and building awareness.  How do we do this? We reclaim the tools of creative advertising as our own, and craft social impact messages that will engage people emotionally and motivate them to take action. Register for this talk by emailing Timothy Stacey:

About Jean Railla

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Jean Railla is the founder of The Creative Lab for Social Impact (CLSI) and a clinical adjunct professor in the Department of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University’s The Steinhardt School. CLSI trains and empowers students and professionals to use the tools and techniques of advertising in the service of social good.  Inspired by the posters produced by FDR’s Works Progress Administration, the organization aims to bring in a new era of “art for the public good.”

About 'Friends of the Future'

The Friends of the Future seminars are the Urban Futures Studio’s take on public seminars: warm, interactive, and focused on hope. Each month, we invite an academic, activist, artist, or practitioner to chat with us on the sofa in front of a circle of colleagues and guests. All are welcome.

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