From 13 August 2018 09:00 to 14 August 2018 17:00

Adobe Indesign Essentials - FULLY BOOKED

Course description

This two-day course in Adobe InDesign is meant to teach you how to create beautiful as well as functional layouts, such as books, posters, CVs, presentations, figures and more. You will be introduced to the Adobe workspace and you will be able to combine photos, graphics, illustrations, tables, charts and text with a remarkable ease. We recommend this course to PhD candidates with no previous knowledge in Adobe InDesign. The skills you will gain from this course will help you layout their projects professionally and time efficiently.

What you will learn

This course starts with the basic theory on Adobe InDesign and goes into depth practice of all the necessary tools to create stunning layouts. During these two days we will dive into real design challenges where you will put the theory into practice. Special attention is paid to the creation of a thesis book, poster/document layout and figure design. You will be given several exercises to practice depending your goals. 

The following topics will be covered:

  • Understanding the main functionality and structure of the program
  • Navigating through the different tools and functions
  • Defining “Master Pages” and understanding their powerful use
  • Placing and formatting your text
  • Placing, copying adn adjusting images
  • Importing, creating and formatting tables
  • Building large and complex layouts such as a PhD dissertation
  • Designing attractive and functional posters
  • Creating professional layouts for your CV or motivation letter
  • Understanding the differences between print and screen colors
  • Exporting PDFs problem-free
  • Understanding the importance of typography


You will have to bring your own laptop, having Adobe Indesign installed. As an employee of the UU or UMC Utrecht you can buy an Adobe license for only €19,75 via Surfspot.


Illiana Boshoven-Gkini (

Max. number of participants


Number of credits

0.6 EC

Course schedule

Monday August 13 and Tuesday August 14, 2018.
Time: 09:00-17:00

Course certificate

You will receive a certificate of completion if you attend both sessions of the course and complete all the course requirements (i.e. assignments).

Course fee

Course fee internal PhD candidates: €100.
Course fee external participants: €300.

‘Internal PhD candidates’ refers to PhD candidates who are working (either on a salary or on a scholarship) at the faculty of Science, faculty of Veterinary Medicine or UMC Utrecht. Please note that you can use your personal course budget of €400/year (€1,600 max) to pay for these courses. This budget is managed by your department (faculty of Science/Veterinary Medicine) or your Division (UMC Utrecht). 

‘External participants’ include PhD candidates working elsewhere (even those registered with the PhD programmes of the Graduate School of Life Sciences, e.g. at the Hubrecht Institute), PhD candidates from other Schools and postdocs.

The 2 day course was intense as there is so much to learn about the program, but everything is explained really clearly.
The course gave me confidence that I could manage the layout of my PhD thesis book and that it also can be fun instead of only stressful.
Start date and time
13 August 2018 09:00
End date and time
14 August 2018 17:00
Entrance fee
Course fee internal PhD candidates: €100. Course fee external participants: €300.
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