ACHN & CCAN Salon #5: Pizza & Intersectional Pub Quiz


Join the ACHN and CCAN and meet fellow students and academics during a fun evening with pizza, drinks, and an intersectional pub quiz!

Celebrating the first year of two new Diversity Networks

Both the African and Caribbean Heritage Network and the Class-Conscious Academics Network are celebrating their first year of public events as the UU's newest EDI Diversity Networks. Since we started around the same time, we have been in close contact to share ideas and tips about developing our networks, organising events, and promoting each other's events. We believe that this collaboration and mutual support has been key to our successful start!

Moreover, since issues concerning ethnicity and class share important similarities and are often even intricately intertwined, we have also explored the many intersections of our groups, which provides valuable insights into each topic and helps us to stand united in our mutual aims. What better way than celebrating our first year with a co-organised event, bringing everyone together for a fun evening before the holidays!

Pizza and Intersectional Pub Quiz

The event will be very casual, without any lectures or panel discussion, but with free pizza, some free drinks, and an intersectional pub quiz. We invite everyone who is part of our networks as well as anyone who is simply interested in the topics to come and meet others. Coming solo is absolutely fine, because we will mix people into teams. Just register through the link below!

Start date and time
End date and time
Café de Tussentijd (Janskerkhof 24, Utrecht)
Entrance fee

Register here, so we know how many pizzas to order: