A Medieval Book Launch

Centre for Medieval Studies

Omslagen van 'De inventieve middeleeuwen' en 'Introducing the Medieval Fox'

On 22 February, the Centre for Medieval Studies will host a book launch of two new publications by Utrecht medievalists. In the first hour, Paul Wackers will talk about his experiences writing his book Introducing the Medieval Fox, an interdisciplinary study intended for a broad international audience. In the second hour, Carine van Rhijn, Ria Paroubek-Groenewoud, Tim Hertogh and Rutger Kramer will talk about their contributions to the new volume De inventieve middeleeuwen: Praktische kennis en kunde van voor het jaar 1000.

Holistic hunting: introducing the medieval fox

Paul Wackers about his latest book: “I was invited to write a short holistic book about the fox in medieval culture for a general public, but I have been trained as a literary historian and ‘short’, ‘holistic’, and ‘general public’ are not natural partners. Hence, the writing of Introducing the Medieval Fox was not easy, although it was fun. In this talk I will describe the type of problems I encountered during the writing process and the ways in which I have tried to solve them.”

De inventieve middeleeuwen: a Utrecht collaboration

The new volume De inventieve middeleeuwen. Praktische kennis en kunde van voor het jaar 1000 contains contributions by nineteen medievalists affiliated with Utrecht University, ranging from former students to senior academics. The book offers a kaleidoscopic view of practical thinking and creative mentalities in the first millennium: how did people at that time deal with problems and challenges? What kind of solutions did they come up with? The editors, Ria Paroubek-Groenewoud and Carine van Rhijn, are joined by contributors Tim Hertogh and Rutger Kramer to talk about the book’s conception, aims and publication process.

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Drift 21, 005 (Sweelinckzaal)
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