21 June 2018 from 19:00 to 21:30

A Flourishing Summer Special


Grab this last minute opportunity and sign up for a Utrecht University event specifically for young alumni. The Young Alumni Network of Utrecht University invites you to join their exclusive Summer Special on Thursday 21 June.

A flourishing evening
Have you ever been to the Utrecht University Museum or to the beautiful Oude Hortus? If not, this is your chance! If yes, you should definitely come again. The museum will close at the end of 2018 for extensive renovations. so we guaranty a special evening.

After visiting hours, the museum opens her doors exclusively for us. We are treated to a private tour through the museum and the gardens. We will take a look in the wonderful world of fungi. Will you be sitting on a stool made out of fungus in the future? Look further than your molded sandwich and discover the intriguing world of fungi.


Also on the programme: the Oude Hortus, an unique and historical garden, in the middle of the City Centre. They have a large collection of plants and threes. For example, the 250-year old Ginko Biolba, one of the oldest known specimens outside of Japan. 

We will end the evening with a cold drink in the garden. This will be the perfect opportunity to informally meet your fellow UU alumni.


  • 19.00h: Welcome with a light meal 
  • 19.30h: Tour Utrecht University Museum and The Oude Hortus 
  • 20.30h: Drinks with other alumni 
Start date and time
21 June 2018 19:00
End date and time
21 June 2018 21:30
Entrance fee
€12.50,- for friends of the Utrecht Universityfund and €15.- for alumni