23 November 2017 from 14:30 to 17:30

4th playforum "The Playful Brain"

On the 23rd of November the "Ruimte voor de Jeugd" in Utrecht organises the 4th Playforum, themed "The Playful Brain". What's the importance of playing for the development of the brain and the social skills of children?
Everyone agrees that playing is fun and healthy, but why is that so and how does it work? What happens if children don't play enough? Should we worry about the popularity of games? Researchers from Utrecht University are concerned with these kinds of questions. During the Playforum we'll discuss how playing influences the development of the brain and social behaviours and how we can use play to help children whose social development has been inhibited by various circumstances. 

The event is in Dutch.

Read the announcement of the event as pdf (in Dutch).

Start date and time
23 November 2017 14:30
End date and time
23 November 2017 17:30
Entrance fee
Before November 1st: €40,- (students €15,-), After November 1st €55,- (students €20,-)