2024 Earth-Space Symposium on Sustainability, Governance, Futures

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Academiegebouw, Utrecht University

The 2024 Earth-Space Symposium, to be held 12-13 November 2024 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, provides a much-needed forum to gather theoretical consideration, identify gaps and synergies, and exchange ideas to chart a new line of science and policy inquiry on our changing Earth-Space systems.

Earth and space are increasingly coupled in terms of their sustainability challenges, governance issues, and future-making. Approaching ‘outer space’ as a separate entity from Earth is no longer sufficient to address our planetary crises. From the rising number of satellites to missions on the Moon and beyond, the global society is confronted with environmental, economic, social, and political challenges beyond single planetary scales. To this end, treating Earth and space as integrative ‘Earth-Space systems’ offers the potential to address challenges in this era.

The Symposium will bridge the currently separated fields to derive an overview of the state-of-the-art problems, approaches, and their points of interconnection to derive an integrative Earth-Space agenda addressing sustainability, governance, and future-making. We welcome contributions from diverse disciplines and knowledge backgrounds, covering a broad range of topics, methods, cases, and empirical work. We furthermore encourage transdisciplinary exchange and participation by non-academic practitioners.

Call for Papers, Special Sessions, and Creative Contributions

The 2024 Earth-Space Symposium welcomes three types of contributions, i.e. Research Papers, Special Sessions, and Creative Contributions that fit into one (or more) of the symposium tracks. Research Papers are traditional academic research contributions; they may offer new theoretical insights and frameworks, new empirical research findings, or broader systematic reviews of the literature. Special Sessions can be in the form of panels, roundtables, or mini-workshops to discuss specific issues or explore policy ideas. In addition, we welcome creative contributions such as short films, music, or art.

Symposium tracks

  1. Rules, Organizations, and Institutions
  2. Environmental and Resource Management in Space
  3. History, Culture, and Indigenous Knowledge of Space
  4. Ethical and Philosophical Perspectives
  5. Power Dynamics in Space
  6. Space in Future-Making

For full details on the Symposium tracks, see the Call for Abstracts below.

To submit an abstract, please send the title, keywords and an abstract of less than 300 words in the body of an e-mail to earth-space2024@uu.nl . Please include your name and complete institutional affiliation. In the e-mail subject line, state to which of the six Symposium tracks listed above your submission relates best. If you are an early-career researcher, please also indicate whether you would like to apply for your registration fee to be waived (we have 10 spots available). You will receive a notification of submission. Alternatively, you may use the submission form on the conference website.

Deadline: 5 July 2024

Download the call for abstracts (pdf)

Organising Committee

  • Xiao-Shan Yap (conference chair)

    Utrecht University
  • Frank Biermann

    Utrecht University
  • Alice Gorman

    Flinders University
  • Marco Janssen

    Arizona State University
  • Rakhyun E. Kim

    Utrecht University
  • Tanja Masson-Zwaan

    Leiden University
  • Jean-Frederic Morin

    Laval University
  • Florian Rabitz

    Kaunas University of Technology

The symposium is hosted by the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University. Co-hosts include the Earth System Governance Project (Working Group on Earth-Space Governance) and the European Research Council Starting Grant for the PLANETSTEWARDS Project.

Start date and time
End date and time
Utrecht University Academy Building, The Netherlands

More information will is available on the symposium website.