What are the key elements of education at Utrecht University?

Utrecht University stands for broad and interdisciplinary education. Students at Utrecht University learn to look beyond the boundaries of their fields of study and work together in interdisciplinary projects.

The education programmes are modern and innovative. Students and high-ranking scientists work together on a better future.


Anne Roetman en Emma Jane Unsworth
21 March 2014
The Chronicles Projects is a platform where young, unknown translators present short stories or excerpts from young, unknown authors.
College, foto UU/Kees Rutten
7 March 2014
Maarten Prak, Professor of Economic and Social History, has been awarded the annual Outstanding Teacher Award 2013-2014 of Utrecht University.
Keuzegids Universiteiten 2014
18 February 2014
Five Masters of our Faculty of Humanities have been ranked best in their field in the Netherlands, according to the Keuzegids Masters 2014.


Studenten scheikunde krijgen onderwijs in het laboratorium.