Leaving the Netherlands

Validity of the residence permit after graduation

If you are no longer enrolled, we will notify the IND. The IND will give you 3 months after the graduation date/end date of your exchange programme or until the expiry date on your card, whichever comes first. You must leave the country before your permit expires, unless you have arranged residency on other grounds, such as the orientation year. For more information about the validity of your residence permit after graduating, please visit our dedicated webpage.


  1. Your residence permit is valid until 30 November. You graduate one month later than expected, on 30 September. This means that you can remain in the Netherlands with your residence permit until 30 November.
  2. Your residence permit is valid until 30 November. You graduate in time, on 30 July. This means that your residence permit will remain valid for three more months, until 30 October.

If you start a new study programme or need more time to complete your studies, It is your own responsibility to request an extension of your residence permit at a suitable time. You can apply for an extension from 3 months before the end date of your residence permit.

Please note that submitting your extension applications after the expiry date of the residence permit will result in a residence gap.

Validity of the residence permit after stopping your studies

If you hold a residence permit for study and end your enrolment without graduating, your residence permit becomes void as of the date of enrolment termination. You will have to leave the country within 28 days (about 4 weeks). An exception to the 28-day rule is if your residence permit expires within three months after the termination of your enrollment, you must leave the Netherlands before the date of expiry, rather than within 28 days.

Should you plan on re-enrolling to finish your study programme later, please be aware that you will need a new visa and/or residence permit first. You would therefore have to contact us at least 3 months in advance of your new start date to start up the necessary application procedure.

Deregistration municipality

When you leave the Netherlands, remember to cancel your registration with the municipality you live in. Please check the website of your own municipality for instructions on how to do so. If you live in Utrecht, you can find more information about deregistration on their website.

Returning your residence permit card

Your residence permit card must be returned to the IND when you leave. You can either go to an IND front office to hand in your residence permit. Please remember to fill out this form and bring it with you to your appointment. You can make an appointment by calling 088 043 0430.

Or you can send the card by post to:

IND Bureau Documenten
P.O. Box 7025
8007 HA Zwolle
The Netherlands

Please make sure to invalidate your card before you send it, by cutting off a corner. Do not cut the document in half!